Family History


The two musicians Kainstrom und Ralf E. Schinner met in the spring

of 2003 above the roofs of Schwabing.

2004 they landed on Planet K5.

What has followed are many strange and unique compositions.

During the timewarp they have created the more powerful and multi-faceted music of the Familie Röser.

The music is like a "Brainfilm“.

The loveley detailed arrangements envoke Earcandy and a collage

of mental images.

The Familie produces also in 5.1 surround sound.

The fusion of acoustic and digital instruments from out of this world characterize the soundwaves of Familie Röser in a very special way.

The cooperation with various artists makes each composition special.

Kerry L. Dooley (Songwriter, Performing Artist with Milk and Sugar / Weather Girls) is featured for example in "We are! (Familie Röser Theme) and

"The Official Republican Song".

Roald Raschner (Nr. 1 Hit Producer of "Anytime and Anywhere) is the singer and actor in the soon to be released song "The Wolf".

The haunting and soulful voices combined with the compositions

to create harmonious grooves.

The images of the videoproductions rise above the ordinary.

They inspire the imagination to places you´ve never been -

way beyond mainstream-thinking.

The family is located on Planet K5 / Münchner FREIHEIT.

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